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Green Chile Stew

August 28, 2017

Green Chile Stew


  • 32 oz Gilly Green Chile Sauce
  • 1 lb. Potato diced (I recommend Yukon Golds)
  • 16 oz. Chicken Stock
  • 1 lb. Chicken, diced
  • 8 oz  Gilly Loco Tomatillo Salsa


1.    Place Gilly’s Chile Verde, potatoes, chicken stock & Tomatillo Salsa in a stock pot over med-low heat.
2.    Cover and bring to a simmer, until potatoes are soft, about 30-45 minutes.
3.    Add cooked chicken to stew about 10 minutes before stew is finished. Serve hot!


Sour Cream
Shredded cheese
Tortilla Strips
Avocado (sliced or diced)
Diced Tomato, Cilantro (sprigs or minced)

Chef Notes:

*Tone down the spice? Add more Chicken Stock

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