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After all, what’s life without spice? Gilly Loco Salsa is made for those who aren’t afraid to GO LOCO and treat themselves to zesty flavors and the heat of spicy New Mexican chilies.

With heat levels ranging from toasty to loco hot, there is a Gilly Loco salsa or chile sauce that is perfect for every taste, every chip and every recipe.

From our Traditional salsa, to our hauntingly delicious Ghost Pepper salsa, our varieties are as unique as they are tasty. Although we bottle a bit of loco into every jar of Gilly Loco Salsa, we do take making the absolute best salsa seriously.

That means only using the freshest of locally grown, non-genetically modified ingredients as the base of every product and creating recipes the old-fashioned way–with food instead of chemical preservatives and artificial dyes. We take our commitment to providing only the most delicious, all-natural salsas very seriously for a difference that you can truly taste in every bite.

Gilly Loco Salsa is available for purchase in grocery stores throughout Colorado & New Mexico. You can also purchase our salsa by the jar and by the case right here on our site. Our website also includes a special recipes section full of ideas to help you spice up your meals using our salsas and chile sauces. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the hottest news from Gilly Loco. Welcome to our LOCO LIFE!

~Gilly Loco

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