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Traditional Salsa (16oz)

Gilly Loco

Gilly Loco Traditional Salsa (16 oz.) Zesty, Authentic Flavor | Restaurant Style, Hot or Mild | Fresh, Locally-Grown Ingredients | Made in the USA Details

  • Delicious Authentic Taste – Crafted with a premium blend of fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions, this traditional flavor is great for all your favorite recipes.
  • Fresh, Healthy Ingredients – Gilly Loco salsa is crafted from locally-grown vegetables free of preservatives and chemicals making them good for you.
  • Bold Flavor Choices – This traditional-style restaurant salsa comes in two unique flavors—toasty or sizzling—to provide the right amount of mouthwatering burn.
  • Add the Perfect Touch – Hot and mild traditional salsas are made specifically for your favorite Mexican meals, including chips, tacos, tamales and burritos.
  • American Made – Gilly Loco salsa is crafted right here in the USA, where we source the freshest ingredients and carefully blend our salsa for a healthy taste. Product Description:

Add a touch of Gilly Loco Traditional Salsa to your chips or meal and you’ll never go back to big “box” brands again.

Healthy, Zesty and Unforgettable

When you want more than a generic salsa you find on the shelf of your local grocer, and you need something that makes you say “Mmmmm” with every bite, then you need the best, handcrafted salsa possible—you need Gilly Loco Traditional Salsa, a bold blend of peppers, tomatoes, and onions that gives you the taste of an old-school Mexican restaurant in the comfort of your own home.

Premium Natural Flavors

Coming in two bold flavors—Toasty and Sizzling—you can choose just the right level of heat to either spice up your nachos or give your burrito a serious kick. And because we only use fresh, locally-grown ingredients sourced right here in the United States, you know you’re getting a taste, quality product that goes far beyond your average salsa.

Product Details:

  • Traditional Restaurant Style Salsa
  • Toasty or Sizzling Flavors
  • Fresh, Locally-Grown Ingredients
  • Net Weight: 16 oz.
  • Resealable Jar (Refrigerate After Opening)
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in the USA

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