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Gilly Loco Ghost Pepper & Chili Verde (16 oz.)

Gilly Loco

This product contains premium-grade, slow-roasted Ghost pepper green Chile. It is made with a unique combination of freshly harvested Ghost pepper and chili verde, offering unparalleled flavor, heat, and aroma. It is ideal for authentic Mexican recipes and has up to five times more flavor and aroma than other chilies. Enjoy its full-bodied flavor and intense heat!

Gilly Loco Ghost Pepper Green Chili (16 oz.) Hot, Delicious Flavor | Fresh, Locally-Grown Ingredients | Restaurant Style | Made in the USA

  • Boasting one of the hottest Scoville ratings in the world, we use real ghost peppers in every batch to give your taste buds a powerful kick.
  • Deliciously Powerful Flavor – Gilly Loco carefully blends the ghost pepper chili & Hatch Green Chile so you can enjoy the heat and immense boldness without overwhelming the senses.
  • Natural Ingredients – Each bottle of Gilly Loco salsa contains only fresh, natural ingredients including ghost peppers, roasted tomatoes, jalapenos and habaneros.
  • Spice It Up – This hot salsa can be used on a wide variety of our favorite foods, including tacos, in chili, with chips, and all your spicy cookbook recipes.
  • American Made – Gilly Loco salsa is crafted right here in the USA, where we mix the best ghost pepper salsa using the freshest locally-grown produce. 

Make no mistake. This definitely isn't your ordinary green chile sauce. It's actually extraordinary! Want to know why? Well, it's because team Gilly Loco has used ghost pepper chilies to give the sauce a fiery finish. The spiciness of the peppers perfectly complements the fresh green chile base to present a loco hot green chile sauce that has made a name for itself. Grab a jar of the Green Ghost to enjoy with our chips cooked in coconut oil, use it to add heat to your culinary creations or use it as a garnish. Whatever you do, be prepared for the sneak attack of those trickster ghost peppers. 

Product Details:

  • Hatch Green Chili with Ghost Peppers for that Loco Hot Kick
  • Restaurant-Style
  • Fresh, Locally-Grown Ingredients
  • Net Weight: 16 oz.
  • Resealable Jar (Refrigerate After Opening)
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA

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